Wednesday June 28th, Red and White day

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Wear your Canada wear or red and white on Wednesday, June 28.  Let's show our Canadian pride! #Canada 150

Weekly Memo

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School bus and pedestrian safety day

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Are you a parent of a JK student?

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Book an EYE See...Eye Learn (ESEL) exam before the June 30 deadline. Eye exams and glasses are free for JK students for a limited time!
Details here - EYE SEE .... EYE LEARN

First Star Sports Camp

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First Star Sports Camp

The sky’s the limit for fun in this coed camp!  Experienced P. E. teachers will provide quality instruction in a safe, encouraging and fun environment. Curriculum designed to instill confidence while participating in most major sports, as well as traditional and non-traditional games. Includes First Star t-shirt, swimming, and Friday Pizza Day. Our goal is to facilitate the development of individual strengths and skills in a relaxed and caring manner.   Ages 6 to 13.

Location: Sacred Heart High School

Cost: $185/week ($175 for siblings)     *(4-day camp $150/140 siblings)


July 4 – 7*

July 10 – 14

July 17 – 21

July 24 – 28

Aug 8 – 11*

First Star for Girls

Along with a variety of sports and physical activities, First Star for Girls offers a chance to explore a wide-range of interests. Activities such as yoga, self-defense, dance and a variety of arts and crafts help to foster creativity and develop life-long learning skills. The cost includes First Star t-shirt, swimming, Friday Pizza Day, guest presenters, and all arts and crafts materials.  Ages 6 to 13.

Location: Sacred Heart High School

Cost: $195/week ($185 for siblings)


July 10-14

Hours of operation (both camps):

•             Pre-camp: 8:00 - 9:00 am (no charge)

•             Camp: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

•             Post-camp: 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm (no charge)           


Please visit us at:

For registration please go to:

Holy Redeemer news on Confirmation

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Transporation Services for 2016-2017

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School Active Transportation Policy Consultation

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From: Vicky Kyriaco
Date: March 4, 2016
Re: School Active Transportation Policy Consultation

OSTA is seeking your assistance in distributing this survey link for public consultation on its
proposed School Active Transportation Policy. This policy is scheduled to be presented at
OSTA’s next public governance meeting on April 25, 2016. Delegations may also be heard
at this time.
School active transporation survey
OSTA’s School Active Transportation Program has been in development for the past two
years. With our school board partners, City partners and community partners, we have
been able to support the 50,000+ students who are not eligible for transportation by
motorized vehicle. OSTA’s program includes:
• School Active Transportation Charter, signed by OCDSB, OCSB and OSTA Leaders
• Review of walking hazards at over 180 schools
• Preferred walk route to school maps for all elementary schools
• School Travel Planning facilitation with Green Communities Canada
• Walking School Bus routes at 8 schools
• School site traffic safety reviews
• Participation in the Ottawa School Active Transportation Network
The SAT policy would formalize OSTA’s commitment to continuing to provide services for
students who walk, bike and roll, to school every day.
More information may be found on our website
Vicky Kyriaco
General Manager/CAO

Upcoming workshops

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The Catholic School Parent Association are hosting many workshops in the coming weeks.
To see what they are offering please go to:  Catholic School Parents' Association (CSPA)

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