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Weekly Memo - February 24 - 28

posted Feb 24, 2020, 6:24 AM by Kayla Collins   [ updated Feb 24, 2020, 6:25 AM ]

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Prayer for Lent


“God our Father, You formed us from the dust of the earth and brought us to new life in Christ Through the waters of

Baptism. We ask you to change our hearts as we journey through these forty days of Lent. Help us to see Jesus in

everyone we meet, and to serve him in all persons, Especially the poor, the sick and the lonely. By your grace, may our

prayers and sacrifices this Lent help us grow closer to each other and to you, as one family in Jesus.

We make this prayer to you in His name. Amen”. 

Week-At-A Glance:               

February Virtue of the Month: BE FORGIVING

Monday, Feb 24- Pizza Day, Saints & Games Club (Ms Cathy, Mrs. Dougan and Mrs. Hickey),  


Tuesday, Feb 25- Shrove Tuesday,(Thank you to our School Council for providing pancakes for our students),  Little Red Theatre Play: Goldilocks and the 3 Canadian Bears (bilingual K-3) @ 2:30 pm,  Home Alone @ 12:00 pm, Choir @ 12:20 pm (Mrs. Fitzel),                                                                                           

 Wednesday, Feb 26Ash Wednesday, Pink Shirt Day (students Please wear PINK today),  Dance Crew @ 12:20 pm in gym (Mrs. VP) 

Thursday, Feb 27- Boston Pizza Lunch, Stonehaven Manor (gr.3), Tech Club @ 12:20 pm in LC (Ms Terry, Mme Cadieux & Mme Rossi),  Dance Crew @ 12:20 pm in gym (Mrs VP),                                                                                      

Friday, Feb 28- Kernels Popcorn Day (students can bring in a loonie to purchase a bag at the office), JAM Spirit wear, Home Alone Course                                                                           

                                      School News/Highlights:  

Lenten Initiatives at St James:

During our Lenten Season, we will be supporting two worthwhile charities: Planting Seeds International and Pyjama Patrol.

Planting Seeds International:  began an incredible initiative called Change for Change. Change for Change is a simple fundraising initiative that has been implemented in a number of elementary schools in Ottawa, Canada. The program consists of providing classrooms with empty pencil cases that students can fill with loose change to fundraise for Planting Seeds. In addition to educating students on the importance of giving back, this program is a great way to incorporate social consciousness into a classroom curriculum. https://www.plantingseedsinternational.org/en/get-involved/change-for-change/

Some additional benefits of implementing this program are:

  • Providing students with a global perspective on social issues such as poverty

  • Understanding that all children have the right to quality education, regardless of their personal circumstances

  • Demonstrating the interconnectedness of all people throughout the world  

The Pyjama Patrol has a simple goal.  We want to give kids the comfort and security they deserve for a good night's sleep.

The truth is, not every child has pyjamas to put on at night. Children in need may sleep in their clothes or nothing at all.

Students will be asked to wear their jammies to school and bring in a new pair of pyjamas to be donated to PJP.


Stay tuned for some exciting theme days at St. James School. 

Thank you, in advance for supporting these two wonderful organizations. 


Upcoming Events:                                                                              

March 3-Kindergarten and Grade 6 Grad pictures                             

March 5 & 6 - Dental Screening for JK, SK and Gr 2        

March 10-Mathletics (grades 2-6)    

March 13-Last Day before March break

March 23-First Day back after March Break                                           

March 31-School Council @ 6:30 pm

April 10-Good Friday                    

April 12-Easter Sunday

April 13-Easter Monday  

April 16-Grade 6 Transition Meeting to Holy Trinity

April 21-Cake Raffle

April 23-Welcome New to Kindergarten (4:30-5:30 pm)                          

May4-8-Catholic Education Week

May5-Open House/Muffin Breakfast

Please follow us on Twitter: @StJamesOCSB      

And our website: jam@ocsb.ca